Business Overview

At its simplest this site is about providing professional deal data for FREE on transactions >$10 million– with the added bonus on one-page profile. So for companies looking for investors, or investors looking for co-investors or companies in their area of expertise, this is a great resource. Ditto for non-execs looking for their next gig, service providers (headhunters, lawyers, PR, bankers, etc) hunting for their next clients, or journalists or industry commentators trying to keep track of what’s happening.

Olivo Role

we want to build a tool for our community building European tech. We believe the diversity of Europe (and its long university tradition) is the perfect ground for innovation – if only we could make up for our dispersed community. So we want companies to use this site to raise their profiles (literally!) and keep community members abreast of what’s happening, easily and economically. And we want members to get in touch easly with companies where they feel they can make a difference.

Efficiently structuring the venture market and help investors deepen their research ability and Scaleups expand their fundraising reach
About This Project